Hey there,

I’m Chloë, an English Literature student who believes that books are a powerful cultural tool. These are my thoughts on all that I am reading and pretty much anything else I’m interested in.

A blog devoted to all things literary; I shall be flexing my reviewing muscles whilst sharing (hopefully) interesting thoughts about literature and what’s happening in the literary world, maybe even an interview, if we’re lucky! The idea is to be ‘noisy’ about literature. What’s noisy about an online blog, aside from the tapping of my keyboard, I hear you say? I prefer to think of it as intellectual noise. Literature has the capacity to consider things in life, what it means to be a human being and influence your outlook. This isn’t moral, it about humanity. So, I’ve decided to express my mental noise in words.

Open to recommendations and requests so please do comment or message. In fact, just get in contact, I’d love to chat to anyone who shares a lit and cultural passion I possess!

Let’s get noisy about literature.



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